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# 1 in Corruption & Childhood Obesity
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Crony Capitalism Tennessee

It's time to RESPECT the NISSAN Whistleblower & the hardworking American Taxpayer.

Sharyn Bovat

Soon this page will show how Tennessee is the "hub" of hypocrisy or it will show how the Chamber of Commerce cleaned up the state & encouraged a community of RESPECT for ALL People.     

Sharyn Bovat was considered the top relocation consultant to people moving to Tennessee. After complaining about discrimination and corruption connected to a Good Ole Boy network Sharyn has been bullied, harassed, jailed, had death threats and "outed" as a former researcher for CIA operatives.   Sharyn learned how to "make change" from the people that ended communism in the former USSR.  Oddly - Sal Russo who was a communications consultant in the Reagan Era who helped in "nation building" is using his techniques to create a society of oppression.   

With information provided to her the former CIA "friendly fixture" (low level Cold War Spy) was able to identify a systemic and socially destructive element that's economically destroying the State of Tennessee.  The Cronyism that has been allowed to flourish is bankrupting the state.  Too many counties have taken out too many bonds.   Tennessee looks economically sound but the fact is the state is a HOUSE OF CARDS.

The "greedy" people are prominent  business leaders & politicians from BOTH the Democrat and the Republican party.

Some of the people Sharyn Bovat calls Good Ole Boys "might" be good people that have adapted to the cronyism lifestyle.  They might not be corrupt but ,merely accessories.  The people identified are respected and generous.  They give to "certain" charities and in no way am I'm slandering them.  I'm actually asking them to HELP change the society that they call home.  I want Matt Kisber, Reagan Farr, Rob McNeilly, Gregg Morton and Scott DesJarlais to encourage Scott Becker from NISSAN to make his company "lead by example"...

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